Trade Secrets

We assist clients in protecting trade secrets, managing risks, and enforcing and defending trade secret claims.  We advise clients on practices and policies to maintain trade secret protection, including:

  • “Clean room” design-around practices
  • Hiring and employment practices
  • Preparation of non-disclosure and intellectual property-ownership agreements
  • Training programs to identify, maintain and protect trade secrets, and avoiding third-party claims

The effective handling of trade secret litigation requires a deep understanding of technology and the law, including the interplay between trade secret and patent law.

Our representative trade secret matters include:

  • Actian Corporation v. ElectrifAi, LLC (San Francisco, Northern District of California, filed July 2020).  Represent plaintiff in a breach of contract, trade secret misappropriation, and copyright infringement action involving database software.
  • Flavor Producers, Inc. et al. v. Bar Bakers LLC (Superior Court, Los Angeles, filed October 2017).  Represented plaintiffs in a breach of contract and trade secret case involving formulation and manufacturing of nutritional food products.
  • Raytheon v. FLIR Systems et al. (Tyler, Eastern District of Texas, filed March 2007).  Represented defendant against patent infringement and trade secret misappropriation claims involving infrared detector technology.*
  • Optimal Markets v. FTI Consulting, Dr. Paul Milgrom et al. (Arbitration, filed December 2008).  Represented Nobel-prize winning Stanford economist and an economics consulting company in a trade secret misappropriation action involving auction software technology.*

* Matter handled at a prior firm.